Center for Computational Social Sciences (CCSS), established at Koç University in November 2022, is the first computational social sciences research center established in Turkey.  Established as a legacy of Social ComQuant (a European Commission-funded Twining Action project), CCSS embodies the innovative spirit and collaborative ethos that characterized this European Commission-funded initiative. With the invaluable partnership of esteemed European institutions, GESIS in Germany and ISI in Italy, the Social ComQuant Project set a robust foundation for CCSS, marking a new era in computational and quantitative social sciences in the region.

CCSS is committed to advancing the field of computational social sciences and digital humanities, not just within the confines of Turkey but as a beacon of knowledge and innovation globally. Our center stands as a testament to the burgeoning potential of computational methods in understanding complex social phenomena, and we continue to foster a vibrant research and educational environment to nurture this potential.

As we build on the achievements of the Social ComQuant Project, CCSS is dedicated to nurturing a dynamic and inclusive research community. We invite scholars, students, and professionals with a shared passion for computational and quantitative social sciences to join us in this exciting journey. Our center has been offering a plethora of opportunities for intellectual growth and collaboration, from advanced training workshops to interdisciplinary research projects.

Under the auspices of the Center for Computational Social Sciences (CCSS), a myriad of cutting-edge projects, laboratories, and datasets have been developed, marking significant strides in the field of computational social sciences. These initiatives, including the 3R Research Lab, Emerging Welfare, GEOAI_LULC_SEG, GLOCON, GLOW, MA-CSSL, Politus, Social ComQuant, and Urban Occupations OETR, exemplify the center’s commitment to fostering innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and practical application of computational methods in social sciences. Each project and lab brings a unique perspective and a set of tools to address the complex challenges of today’s interconnected world, contributing to the rich tapestry of research and knowledge cultivation at CCSS. These endeavors not only enhance our understanding of societal dynamics but also pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and methodologies in computational social sciences, reinforcing CCSS’s role as a hub of academic excellence and a leader in pushing the boundaries of the field.